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After a mere 3 months of running at scale, our entire drop shipping operation came to a halt. The reason? Our BM got banned.

At the time we never considered this a possibility, but we had to act quick. We were hitting a product and competitors were bound to catch on. We created another FB account and relaunched our ads. Only to be banned again within the same day.

Stakes were high, and we felt hopeless. As it turns out, FB doesn’t just ban
your account but also network details such as MAC and IP addresses. This means your computer and your home network, is effectively banned.

Although there were solutions such as purchasing a new computer, and
using a relatives internet network, this solution was just not sustainable.
With a stricter policies, and plummeting feedback scores. We were constantly purchasing new laptops, and convincing more friends to let us take their profiles. That’s when we put our heads down and got to work. In due time we developed our own solution for running BMs.

A system that was convenient, within our own control, and absolutely Secure.

When all hope seemed lost, we came across an all in one service that claimed to make this an issue of the past. Paying them an upfront cost for the BM, and a 5% of our adspend, they would provide us BMs as well as a software to manage it all off our own laptop and network.

The next couple months everything went great! With the stability and being able to mitigate the risk to multiple BMs, we had built our business to the point of generating 5-8k profit per day! Until an admin error on their end resulted in all 3 of our BMs getting shut down. Just like that we were back to square 1.

Frustrated, hopeless, and helpless, we had enough. We decided to take matters into our own hands. We got to work and developed our own system for using BMs. A system that was convenient, secure, and all within our own control.

Our Solution

From years of experience in the field. We have slowly become experts at BM security. We understand the ins and the outs, so you don’t have to.

With our all in one solution, you can manage as many BMs you want, in an ultra secure software system. Along with this, we teach you how to use Facebook BMs in the most secure way possible. That way you can spend less time worrying about your accounts going down, and more time scaling your business with confidence!


Accounts of any Geo

High Spends

Anti-Detect Browser

Private Proxy

1 Click Access

Replacement Guarantee

How it works

Our service uses a Browser Profile Software System that allows you to create virtual computers that you can log into at the touch of a button!


Our browser profiles connect to ultra secure dedicated private proxies. This allows you to manage multiple BMs, all at the touch of a button, with 0 cross contamination! As long as you follow our operating procedures, you will be able to scale with confidence! 

With our 100% replacement guarantee, you can be sure your purchase is not going to waste. Should you have any issues that are out of your control, we will provide you a replacement at no extra cost!

Along with your purchase, you can rely on your highly knowledgeable Account Manager to help you make all the right decisions, every step of the way. Ensuring that you maintain security in your advertising. They will be able to assist you and offer full support 7 days a week.


1 BM Package


Unlimited Replacements

Includes 1 Full Package

3 BM Package


Unlimited Replacements

Includes 3 Full Package

Full package includes
  • Profile 1 - Pages
  • Profile 2 - Pixels
  • Profile 3 - Advertiser
  • Profile 4 - Admin 1
  • Profile 5 - Admin 2

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